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What are you reading? New Year Edition

What are you reading? New Year Edition


I can still remember the old NBA commercials, repeated throughout my youth. They must have hit home because I truly believe you learn something from reading, no matter what it is. Obviously most non-fiction has information it's trying to present and fiction tries to tell a story. No matter what, you'll take away a piece of information, a new word or a better understanding of the world. 

My brother and I are big fans of reading. In fact, Cory, myself and Frank share a library of books. That's something I highly suggest if you're really into reading. Teaming up with someone else will allow you access to a larger selection of titles and save you some money. Of course, visiting  your local library will do the same thing. The other benefit to sharing books is that you get some feedback before you begin. You don't have to like every book, so if your friend suggests that it's not worth your time, well there are plenty of other choices. 

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There are plenty of best sellers lists, but what you read really doesn't matter. You don't have to be reading the latest success or business book to see value. I personally like to return to certain fiction books time and again. I've read the Harry Potter series countless times. I've read the Dune series multiple times. I've read almost every title from Lee Child and Dennis Lehane. The thing is, there's a myriad different directions you can go when it comes to reading. In my opinion, one of the best ways to get a good recommendation, is to get one from a friend. Walking aisles of the bookstore or scrolling lists online are a difficult way to identify a good book, but the opinion of someone you trust is often correct. The best way to keep track of your recommendations, is through a book list. 

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I've been reading for a really long time, but I haven't been tracking what I read. This didn't stop me from enjoying books, but it allows you to forget some books you may have wanted to revisit. I highly suggest keeping a book list. A list is a great way to track all the titles you've read and even keep notes on things you want to remember. The list also keeps you accountable when it comes to reading. A lot of people I know have goals for how many books they want to read this year, so staying accountable is very important. Things you could keep in the list are your thoughts on the book, your favourite message, who recommended it, or a number of other details. This can also contain the format you used to consume it. 

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  I know a few people who only like to read if they have a physical book in their hands. For me personally, it doesn't really matter what format I consume, the message will be the same. Some books I read on my phone, some I listen to, and I still own a number of hard copies. My problem, especially now that I have two kids, is that there is very little space in our home for a dedicated book shelf, so a few years ago I purged a lot of my collection. I would say I probably consume most books digitally, which allows me to read whenever I have a few minutes to kill. That being said, if somebody lends me a copy or if I can find one at the library, I'll still give it a read. Another format that I have been utilizing more and more lately is audiobooks. Audiobooks can be a fantastic choice for running, walking, driving or if you're one of those people who gets car sick when reading. I try to use my commute to either listen or read a book. 

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We're always looking for new ideas and recommendations. With that being said, what do you recommend?

Use the comments or email us with a book, author or genre recommendation that you really love!


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