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Software Tools for Strength Coaches

The Files are INSIDE the computer

When it comes to being a strength coach, the training (in person) is really only one aspect of the job. There are countless tasks and responsibilities that creep into your job profile. The difficult thing is staying sharp with all of these duties.

One of the areas I've seen coaches struggle is in the software side. Between program design, data collection/analysis and visualizations, there's a lot to stay on top of. We're constantly reading the latest research, training/coaching theory and even leadership books, but learning the software side of things seems to always take a backseat (like web development for me). For that reason, I'm sharing a cool resource for software tools!

Strength Coach Tutorials

A good friend of mine, and strength coach, Dave Scott-McDowell has been creating content in this field for a little while now. He's a guy that I will go to if I need help with some of the excel tricks I'm struggling with. Here's a playlist of his strength coach tutorials:

Glorious Data

As you've heard me mention before, one of the most important aspects of training for performance is tracking data. If you aren't collecting data, it's really hard to track which interventions are working and which ones aren't. Learning how to organize your database is going to be essential for the times you need to find data in a hurry. 

All the Data

Dave has also shown me a number of great dashboards that he uses, to put some of his data together in a very easily digestible way. This allows you to share some data with other coaches or athletes automatically, without emailing spreadsheets all the time.

 If you're looking for info on that, let us know or reach out to Dave at DSM Strength.


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