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The #1 Book on Weight Loss

The #1 Book on Weight Loss

If you've been around me much, or my online presence, you'll know that one of my biggest passions is performance enhancement and speed development. The science and practice of increasing power and speed are incredibly enjoyable to me. The increased outputs can have a great transfer to other activities, like sport.

On the other hand, something that was never a "passion" of mine historically was weight loss and obesity, but that has changed recently. I recently discovered fasting and a low carb lifestyle, both of which are outlined in The Obesity Code , which I think is the #1 Book on Weight Loss.


Some of that changed last year. As a lifelong athlete and fitness junkie, weight has never been a problem for me, unless I wanted to get Bigger and Stronger. However, after Christmas 2015, into the beginning of 2016, I realized I had gotten much heavier than I had ever been (I was telling myself I was just thick, but who am I kidding). This included playing University football, where weight gain has always been glorified. For someone who was telling people how to get leaner, I realized I was not living my practice. After careful research, I decided to try intermittent fasting and a massive reduction of carbohydrates. My lifestyle stayed relatively the same, as I already worked out frequently. Yet, over the next three to five months, I dropped close to 25 pounds. Weight I never thought I "needed" to lose. Not only that, but it got easier and easier the further I went. I had way more energy, better cognitive function and generally felt better.

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For this reason, nutrition and weight loss HAS

In order to spread the word, I've tried to write as much as I can. Topics include:

- Fat Burning

- Fasting

- Breakfast ideas for fat loss

- Hacking into Ketosis

- MCT Oil for weight loss


As much as I enjoy writing, there's a book that does a much better job than I ever could.

That book is "The Obesity Code", by Dr. Jason Fung.

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Jason Fung is a doctor in Toronto who now specializes in Obesity and weight loss. His website and youtube videos are second to none for education and he continues that with this exceptional book.

He does a phenomenal job breaking down the factors that lead to obesity and also sets you up with the best plan to counteract the epidemic. One of my favourite things about this book is that he explains WHY the Calories In vs Calories Out model doesn't work. He also uses a ton of analogies and really helps the reader understand these physiological factors. He describes the science and the research which support his argument very clearly. 


Dr. Fung lays out the hormonal basis for weight loss and finds the culprit - Insulin. I've written about insulin before, but it's a hormone in the body that causes storage of glucose, in both muscle cells and fat cells. For the majority of people, it is more commonly the latter (fat storage). Since Insulin Resistance is the main cause of metabolic syndrome and many other health problems (cardiovascular disease and alzheimers, for instance), Dr. Fung explains how to manipulate insulin for better control of weight. 

One of my favorite parts is that he doesn't add conflict between the low calorie vs low carb debate, he clearly explains how each can be effective but manipulate different factors in this multifactorial disease.

I don't want to spoil the book too much, but I personally feel like it's the best book I've read on weight loss. Pick it up HERE or check your local library!

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Chances are, you or someone you know has once discussed weight loss, this book could be a great way to share knowledge among friends!


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