The #1 Book on Weight Loss

razorsedgeperformance, April 18 2017

If you've been around me much, or my online presence, you'll know that one of my biggest passions is performance enhancement and speed development. The science and practice of increasing power and speed are incredibly enjoyable to me. The increased outputs can have a great transfer to other activities, like...

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Sports Mastery Podcast

razorsedgeperformance, March 27 2017

We're in a really exciting time period right now where mediums of communication are rapidly evolving. The blog and the podcast are two fairly new mediums which give a voice to people and ideas who would have never been heard in the traditional sphere of influence; TV, radio, newspapers, conferences,...

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It's Not Your Fault

razorsedgeperformance, March 17 2017

I don’t think it’s any surprise that as a society, our health is deteriorating. The healthcare costs of reversible diseases is staggering. So many people you know, and maybe this includes you as you read this, have strayed so far from what it means to be optimal and in great...

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Fitness Challenges

razorsedgeperformance, March 12 2017

Tired of your program? Add some fun with a challenge workout! Here are some options...

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Training Plyometrics, Part 1

razorsedgeperformance, February 17 2017

​My job as a strength coach is to help people get better. At the end of the day, it’s as simple as that. Training plyometrics is essential to that, but there's an educational hurdle that needs to be overcome. I create a plan and execute that plan for each individual...

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Sugar, Stress and Longevity

razorsedgeperformance, February 9 2017

The sugar "debate" is raging on heavily. Those on the low carb side are seeing links of high blood glucose to heart disease, hypertension, obesity and diabetes (those are just the obvious ones). Those on the other side are really just arguing for more plant based foods and balance, stating...

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Training Plyometrics, Part 2

razorsedgeperformance, January 9 2017

Training Plyometrics are a complex but rewarding part of athletic development. They're complex because there a lot of nuances involved in doing them most effectively and efficiently, and the high forces involved should force you to emphasize optimal technique. However, once you put it all together and successfully implement them...

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razorsedgeperformance, January 4 2017

Today isn't the day to get better at everything, today is the day to get better at something.

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Measuring Your Recovery with HRV

razorsedgeperformance, November 17 2016

Train SMARTER, not HARDER! You've probably heard it, but what does it mean? One way to do it is by measuring your recovery with HRV. The fine line within training hard is that if you pass a certain threshold of intensity and volume, it can limit your training over the...

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Metabolic Flexibility

razorsedgeperformance, November 8 2016

If you've read this blog at all recently you'll have noticed a lot of stuff on nutrition, Fasting and Ketosis. Yes, it's popular right now, and yes, many readers are looking for weight loss, but that's not my favourite aspect of burning fat. The biggest reason I'm so interested in...

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